The Gritty Podcast with Brian Call & The Hunting Collective with Ben O’Brien

Public land access is one of the founding pillars of Hush along with new hunter/angler acquisition, giving back to our local communities and helping raise awareness about conservation. We are passionate about access and the idea of public lands.

Admittedly, Federal lands could be managed better but we’ve been fortunate to grow up out west. We could easily access the mountains of Utah, Idaho and Oregon with our fathers as we learned how to hunt, fish and explore. While not perfect, the ability to go “get lost” so to speak is powerful. It’s is a place of solace and a place to find adventure for all US citizens. 640 millions acres that each of us can use equally and we can’t imagine life without this access.

The past two years there has been more and more situations where politicians have been either introducing or trying to introduce bills that could vastly change the landscape of how our Federal lands (BLM, National Forest Service, etc.) are managed. Many of these ideas would lead to land being transferred over to State control.

Through history and how language is currently written this is simply a bad idea. How bad of an idea? Well, put it this way…we would be in a position where access would certainly be less (no camping on State lands for example in places like New Mexico and Colorado) and State Trust lands are managed to generate revenue for the state’s education system. If the land is not able to generate any revenue, history shows us that it will then be sold off to private ownership and again in most cases no longer accessible.

Recently, Utah (R) Senator Mike Lee is the latest to bring forth more ideas of his plan on introducing three new bills that would drastically change the access we are talking about.

You can watch Senator Mike Lee’s speech by clicking on the link below in the photo. He starts speaking at the 27:20 mark.

Utah Senator Mike Lee discussing public land policy 6.29.18

Here are a few excerpts from Senator Lee’s speech that he shared on his Twitter feed. Mr. Lee had some bizarre moments throughout his speech that showed his true intentions. As seen below his idea of states like Missouri (3.79% Federal public land) or Illinois (1.14% Federal public land) are what he would consider ideal. Very limited Federal public land accessible for hunting, fishing or recreating.

Contrast that with a state like Utah (66.5% Federal public land) or Colorado (68% Federal public land) and you can see what those states could stand to lose if Senator Lee’s bills were supported.

Bmack was able to sit in with Brian Call on the Gritty Podcast along with guests Land Tawney (CEO/President) of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and Ty Stubblefield (Chapter Coordinator) of BHA recently. This podcast discusses many topics on the public land debate including the statements and plans of Senator Lee from Utah.

Like you may have seen in some prior videos, our good friend Sam Soholt (Public Land Tees) is so passionate about this topic that he bought a yellow school bus, converted into a mobile public land hunting RV and now travels the US talking about his bus and the “why” behind it.

We joined Sam along with our great friend and podcaster, Ben O’Brien (The Hunting Collective Podcast) and Mr. Shedcrazy (Ben Dettamanti) himself in Big Sky, MT during the recent Total Archery Challenge event to talk even more public land issues and some of our favorite memories.

Listen to all of The Hunting Collective Podcast here: We hope you enjoy both podcasts and it makes you think a little more about what we can do to get active as these issues arise.

Check out some photos of Sam’s awesome bus project.

Photo of Sam Soholt | Shooting bows off the bus


Photo by Sam Soholt – Keep It Public


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