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We headed back to Oregon to Bmack’s home state to connect with our good buddy, Kjell (KJ) and his brown dog Ripley to fish some of Central Oregon’s famed rivers. The spring/summer transition period is notorious for the well documented and written about Salmon Fly hatch.

These large bugs crawl out of the river as nymph’s onto the rocks and weeds to hatch into large golden stone’s and salmon flies. The trout love eating these giant flies as they work through their short life-cycle or reproduction, egg drop and then death. It is a crazy cycle that happens each year on this river system. Anglers from all over the world come to the middle of Oregon to get a chance at aggressive trout eating top water flies.

Check out the day-by-day series as we document out time spent with great friends in beautiful country.

Kjell’s brown lab, Ripley is 11 years old and has been fly fishing with him since he was just a puppy at 8 weeks old. This is a dog you dream of having. A good tempered boy that doesn’t jump into the water and spook the fish, rather just hangs out on the shore and watches the action.

Once you hook into a fish ol Rip dog gets really worked up and starts barking and whining as you reel in the fish and attempt to net it. One of the funnier things you’ll see from a lab that likes to fish. He also loves riding shotgun in the drift boat taking in the beauty and snoozing in the spring sun. One of the highlights of the trip for sure.

Plenty of hitch-hikers along the float as well…

You might recognize KJ from other videos we’ve done while back in Oregon with the Born & Raised guys. He’s a heck of a fishermen that has taught Bmack a ton about fly fishing over the years. As a commercial fisherman for his full-time job, KJ really lives and breathes fishing. We always have such a great time with our buddies on the river.

Day 3 below…

We will have 3 more days of videos coming at you from Oregon. Casey and Logan show up late in the night on day 3 and jump right into the action with an early morning wake up call to hit the river.

Thank you all for following along and watching our videos!

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