IS OUTDOOR TV DEAD? Looking back on the past few years…

How the digital world is changing the hunting industry

July 6, 2015 | Bozeman, MT –

We jumped in my truck and headed north to Montana picking up Casey along the way. We had a busy couple days planned that included being a guest on our first podcast and connecting with long-time outdoor TV personality, Randy Newberg to discuss digital media and how the landscape is changing in the outdoor industry.

Randy welcomed us to his house and quickly gave us the tour of his “Randy Room” an upstairs office that had years of memories adorned on every wall. If you’ve ever seen his show, “Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg” then you would know immediately what he showed us first. His pronghorn antelope collection is one he is most fond of and one that boasts several big pronghorn from various public land hunts across the west.

Randy wanted to learn more about this “You Tube” thing that we had started and asked if we would spend some time helping him better understand how this platform worked. After 3 hours of sharing stories, our vision of where outdoor media would end up and giving Randy our “playbook” on how we thought a You Tube channel could become successful our meeting concluded.

In February 2017 we reconnected with Randy at SHOT Show and recorded a podcast where we reflect on that initial meeting in Bozeman and how his You Tube Channel is performing today.

Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered EP 050: Hunting/Fishing (HUSHIN) in a Digital World

Nestled in the dark basement of producer Dan Doty’s house we had the chance to talk with Steve Rinella, Dan and Janis Putelis about a variety of subjects. A lengthy conversation centered around filming styles. TV vs. You Tube, the 4th wall and a host of other hunting topics on only the 15th podcast episode Steve and his team had produced.

Now some 100 episodes later Steve has built one of the most recognizable brands in the outdoor industry that transcends a wide demographic of viewers and listeners. In 2018, after a long stint on The Sportsmen’s Channel the MeatEater content has moved exclusively to digital where you can find their videos on Netflix and You Tube with other content living on a variety of their social platforms.

MeatEater Podcast Episode 015

Recently, put together a compelling article looking at the future of how outdoor media is consumed. For this article, talked with Steve Rinella, Randy Newberg, the three of us and Born and Raised Outdoors to get our take on the changing landscape of how content is being consumed and to learn more about our digital strategy.


March 4, 2016 | Roseburg, Oregon –

Fast-forward 7 months and to the Pacific Northwest which is home to a healthy winter steelhead fishery, plenty of precipitation and Born & Raised Outdoors. These guys have been creating content for more than a decade and have hung their hat on archery elk hunting the jungle covered mountain ranges of the Oregon coast which is home to Roosevelt elk. From hunting off mountain bikes to the matching First Lite clothing pattern these guys created a loyal following with DVD’s like “The Reason,” “30 Days” and “Committed”.

We had known them for a while but this was the first time we were able to collaborate on a trip as Kody, Trent and Treavor showed us their home waters on a mission for winter steelhead. The trip was life-changing for a lot of reasons.

Sitting on a massive boulder along the banks of the North Umpqua River we had the opportunity to get into a deep discussion about life, the future of Hush, Born & Raised Outdoors and how we thought You Tube would continue to grow as a vehicle to consume outdoor related content. We asked them, “Why not take your loyal following and the content you’ve always made and put it on your You Tube channel?” Why not make a run at this ever changing world of digital media?

On March 4, 2017 nearly a year after this initial conversation on the boulder pictured above, Trent Fisher quit his job of 18 years as a timber-faller to partner with Kody Kellom whom recently sold off his other business, the “Full Draw Film Tour” to go all-in on making Born and Raised a full-time career. Along with Trent’s brother, Treavor and good friend Steve Howard they quickly started planning a dynamic project that would kick off the coming August.

August 26, 2017 Born & Raised Outdoors kicked off a unique project that we were blessed to be a part of called, “Land of The Free”. This would propel their brand, brotherhood and creative talent to a new level. Elk hunting 5 states in 50 days with a bow as they document all of the good and the bad of an archery elk hunting season and shed light on the ever changing dynamics of public land access across the US.


We are inspired to see how drastically content consumption has shifted in just 3 short years since we were in Bozeman talking about this vision we had back in 2015. It has not been easy trying to find our niche in an industry that historically lags behind mainstream marketing and advertising strategies. Convincing companies and people that You Tube is not only a good place to watch outdoor videos but that it could offer equal or greater value in comparison to television has taken time.

Now, we see more and more folks starting their own You Tube Channel to share hunting or fishing content. It is a great time to be alive and have the ability to create anything you are passionate about with the simple use of a smart phone to not only film but also edit and upload. There is plenty of space for anyone to be online and we hope that we continue to see even more people and brands going digital.

Hushin You Tube launched in November of 2011 when Casey decided to share his passion for an outdoor lifestyle. A few years later Eric and Brian joined the company and together they created the pillars which Hush stands behind as our “why”.

  • New hunter/angler recruitment – inspiring anyone to try living the #hushlife
  • Giving Back – using whatever size of platform we could build to give back to our hunting community and local community
  • Public Land Awareness/Conservation – help educate and protect public land resources and access for future generations and help drive involvement towards conservation projects

A big thank you to all of those who have followed our brand over the years. We feel so humbled to be able to share our adventures with all of you.

Where will digital media go from here? Hard to say but we will continue to share it with all of you on whatever social platforms are available.

Brian, Casey & Eric

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