COOKING WITH CAL | EP: 2 – Deer & Elk Tongue

COOKING WITH CAL | EP: 2 – Deer & Elk Tongue

We are all about using every piece of “edible” meat off the animals we harvest. Until now we were unsure the tongue was one of those pieces.

We are back in Cal’s kitchen as he debunks the myths surrounding this odd often misunderstood piece of wild food…the tongue!

What we’ve learned over the years is to not believe everything you hear. Pronghorn antelope, black bear, wild pigs, javelina are just of the few myths out there when it comes to what wild game tastes “good”. Elk, mule deer and whitetail are generally accepted as not only edible, but also very good on the wild game food rating scale. Beyond those species things tend to get questionable depending on who you speak with.

The same can be said for various cuts of meat from any animal. Backstraps, roasts and burger seem to be the standard that many come to accept after they’ve killed their animal. Cal is working to show others that so many other pieces of the animal can be consumed…and not only that, they can be excellent table fare.

Neck meat, shanks (see EP: 1 Cooking with Cal below) and tongue are just a few of the unique cuts of meat that he’s cooking up for us during this series.

Ryan Callaghan is the Director of Conservation & Public Relations for First Lite, a seasoned hunter, angler and conservationist who has regularly appeared on Meater TV and Podcast as a popular guest. Aside from that he’s been on the Joe Rogan podcast and is very well known for creating unique recipes with as much of the animal as possible…beyond your traditional cuts most hunters think about when butchering their elk, deer, moose or bear.

EP: 1 Cooking with Cal – Mule Deer Shank Tacos 

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COOKING WITH CAL | EP: 1 – Mule Deer Shank Tacos