Spot & Stalk Montana Bear Hunt | EP 01

with our friends at OnXmaps

We headed up to Montana to join our good friends from OnXmaps to do some spring black bear hunting. Anywhere in the spring is full of beauty as the new shoots of grass are sprouting up from their winter beds. The hills are full of deer, elk, moose and other animals as they appear to almost be relaxing in the warmer temps as summer approaches.

The calving season is in full swing as Montana has some bear units that are open for hunting through mid-June. The days are longer as male black bears are roaming the hills in search for a willing mate.

Similar to hunting for mule deer, a spring black bear hunt of the spot & stalk variety consists of covering a lot of country and glassing big mountain basins for hours on end. There is a line between patience and movement that you’ve got to consider while hunting bears in the spring behind the Vortex glass. It would be easy to move often in search of a good looking clearing but you’ d be surprised how quickly a bear can appear out of nowhere. Many times you’ll be there with your buddies glassing the same area and then all of a sudden a bear will pop off the green brush behind them. It’s addictive if you love to glass big country.

When we started looking for partnerships back in 2014 we had a few stipulations as we evaluated what companies we wanted to work with.

#1 – We’ve got to LOVE the product

#2 – We’ve got to LOVE the people behind the product

OnXmaps who is based in Montana fits both of those criteria perfectly. The company’s founder and CEO Eric Siegfried has created not only a product that has changed the game for hunters and anglers all over the US, but he’s also created one of the most unique company cultures you’ll find in the outdoor industry. Eric’s vision for this product has changed over the years from a chip that would work perfectly in your GPS unit to now the most dynamic mapping App that turns your smart phone into an amazing tool for any hunt. They have helped hunters find previously hidden or mis-marked tracks of public land that could have otherwise never been found with the public/private land layer the chip and now App allow the user to see in real-time.

OnX continues to improve their product and recently has closed a $20.3 million Series A round led by Summit Partners. Bessemer Venture Partners, Millennium Technology Value Partners, Next Frontier Capital and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke also participated in the round. The company is calling the fundraise one of the biggest ever among startups based in Montana. Read more about this record here.

It was an absolute pleasure sharing our first camp with Eric, Zach and Dylan from OnX. They are just good people who share the same passion for the outdoors that we do. If you are not familiar with their product you’re missing out. Go give them a follow on social media and take advantage of their free trial if you haven’t used the maps. The Elite App membership gives you access to all 50 states and your info will sync up to your desktop making scouting super easy.

We hope you enjoy this 3-part series from Montana. Our buddies from Born & Raised Outdoors also share camp with us and will have a similar video series coming out on their channel.

Thank you all for the continued support!

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