COOKING WITH CAL | EP: 1 – Mule Deer Shank Tacos

COOKING WITH CAL | EP: 1 – Mule Deer Shank Tacos

We finally caught up with Ryan Callaghan from First Lite to showcase some of his “Famous” wild game recipes. Ryan definitely thinks beyond your typical backstrap recipes. He is very adamant about using EVERY cut of the animal in unique ways.

We are excited to bring you a new You Tube Series that we’ve called, #CookingwithCal


Adobo Sauce Details – 

  • Onion sliced
  • Shallots sliced
  • Garlic Cloves crushed
  • Lime juiced
  • Beef or Bison broth
  • Red Wine
  • Canned Chipotles
  • Instant Coffee
  • Salt & Pepper

Cooking The Mule Deer Shank

  • Salt, pepper and olive oil entire shank.
  • Brown shank either by pan or grill. Cal used the Camp Chef Wood wind smoker set at 400 degrees. After Domo sauce is made divide equally into bags with shanks and seal.
  • Put into water at 170 for 6-8 hours.
  • When done pull meat from bone into appropriate taco sized chunks.
  • Give the liquid a quick strain into sauce pot and put meat back in when sauce looks to be at your desired thickness.

The final product with fall-off-the-bone tender mule deer shank meat. Another creative way to use more of the animals we kill and a twist on how you prepare your next tacos!

Ryan Callaghan is the Director of Conservation & Public Relations for First Lite, a seasoned hunter, angler and conservationist who has regularly appeared on Meater TV and Podcast as a popular guest. Aside from that he’s been on the Joe Rogan podcast and is very well known for creating unique recipes with as much of the animal as possible…beyond your traditional cuts most hunters think about when butchering their elk, deer, moose or bear.

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