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Last seasons hunts have been over with for several months now and Mother Nature seems to keep dragging her feet prolonging the sunshine, springtime and motivation to get outside.

The days of dreaming about high-country basins full of velvet covered antlers or the crisp fall mornings with bugles on a distant ridge are gaining momentum as each day passes. Every year this is when we make the decision for a lifestyle change. Months of long dark days mixed in with holiday eating habits are realized as you lace up your boots for the first time and hit the hills…completely out of shape. Absolutely ready for a change.

We represent a wide range of body styles, fitness levels and overall degrees of health and well being which we think relates to a wide demographic of people. We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Eric loves the donuts, froyo and Tony’s Burgers. For Bmack, it’s cookies, ice cream and IPA’s. And, for Casey it’s a mix of sweet candy treats and well, potatoes…he is from Idaho after all. The point is we all have our areas of weakness that contribute to how we look and feel as we enter into this challenge.

We also have different goals of where we’d like to be 90 days from today in addition to the strategies we’ll use to get there.

The Mtn. Ops Conquer Fitness 90 Day Challenge is a great way to surround yourself with others seeking the same outcome and taking that difficult “first step” into living a healthier lifestyle. Here you’ll be able to get access to various workout plans, meal plans, motivation and have a place to track your progress.

  • Casey – Here is what I want to accomplish… I would consider myself a pretty happy human for the most part. I have been blessed with a beautiful family, wonderful friends and the absolute “BEST” job in the world! Ive got it all figured out right? Yes….well sort of. Although all these things are what keeps a smile on my face I am still human and human nature tends to allow us to let one little negative thing effect all those great and wonderful things. Just the way a lot of us are programmed I guess. But what if we could transform that negative thing into a giant POSITIVE that would not only eliminate whats causing stress on everything great but also allow us to work on the next little negative thing. Because lets face it, life is hard and we are thrown numerous curveballs that effect our daily lives
  • Casey – My greatest challenge will be…I have always been a pretty active person and have always tried to keep my human form in a state that would allow myself to be active. I still get around the hills just fine and can take my share of meat on a pack out but it has become noticeably less enjoyable especially the last couple years. Why? Great question. Instead of talking about all the poor decisions me and my body have made I would like to think it was a lack of good decisions we failed to make.
  • Casey – Products I plan to use…My overall health is obviously that negative thing in my life this drawn out post has been eluding to. How am I going to transform that. Easy! From this moment on RIGHT NOW, I am going to dedicate the next 90 days into doing just that. If your “negative little thing” in your life is the same as mine I want you to come on this adventure with me. Lets make the 2018 season more enjoyable.
  • Do better then yesterday
  • Put healthier things into my body
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel better
  • Make hiking more enjoyable
  • Lose 40 lbs.
Here is what I’ll be using:
  • Eric – Here is what I want to accomplish… I’ was always very active and involved in sports as kid. At a very young age I found joy in working out, it was my get-away, my alone time. Throughout the years I have noticed a very common annual cycle that I have to battle. During the Spring and Summer months I am a lot more active, both in the mountains and the gym. I always seem to be in great shape in August and September. Come October and November I slowly give in to the winter cravings of carbs and being less active. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas things really start to add up and I’m a lot less motivated to eat healthy and workout. Over the next 90 days I want to lower my body fat and retain my muscles mass. That way I can carry more food to high country deer camp lol. Honestly, I just want to feel better because we all know that fast food and over eating does the opposite. I don’t want to allow my physical condition to limit me in doing what I love.
  • Eric – My greatest challenge will be… To be able to do it all while traveling, staying in hotels, eating out, etc. That’s the hardest part for me! But, because I have done it in the past I know it’s possible. Being on the road WILL NOT keep me from reaching my goals. I need to prove it to myself…again!
  • Eric – Products I plan to use… I use many of the MTN OPS products but the 4 I use most are the Multi-V, Yeti Pre-Workout, Magnum Protein and and occasional Ignite drink to help replace my cravings for energy drinks. I take Multivitamins daily with breakfast, Yeti about 20 minutes before a workout, Magnum post workout to help with recovery and Ignite when I need myself a little boost of energy, at home or on the mountain.


  • Bmack – Here is what I want to accomplish…I’ve been pretty lucky in that I maintain a steady (slim) profile year around. Even as I’ve crested past 40 years old this hasn’t seemed to change much. Where I struggle the most is how I will have lost my hiking endurance that I spent all fall building up. At this point in my life I’m not concerned with going to the gym or building a muscular physique like I was when I was younger. I want to eat a cleaner diet, build my endurance back up so that when I’m on my first hunt of the year my legs and cardio are in mid-season form and I’m not limited while in the field.
  • Bmack – My greatest challenge will be…I’m a sucker for cookies as an evening snack and I enjoy a cold beer with my dinner. If I can eat clean 85% of the time, specifically eliminating unnecessary sugars and starches then I’ll allow myself to cheat a little in other areas. My other challenge is simply making the time to get in my cardio or hiking.  
  • Bmack – Which Mtn. Ops products will I use…My go-to products that work for what I’m trying to accomplish are the following: Multi-V, AMMO and IGNITE. As the old man of the group I own a Sunday-Monday pill container full of vitamins that my wife makes me take. The Multi-V is a no-brainer. AMMO is great because I’m really busy throughout the day and often times end up skipping meals all together. I can easily make a shake that helps me avoid this during a day packed with meetings. Lastly, I love IGNITE. There are some awesome flavors (Tiger’s Blood) that give you the energy, focus and hydration throughout the day. Just a good all around product for daily use or while on the trail.

Aside from all of that you’ll be able to win prizes while getting healthier.

Fall hunting season is just over 4 months away. Register here and join us for the next 90 days.

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